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Hydrating Hair Wash

*Cocofomm Happiness Guarantee. We're crazy about our products but if you don't feel the same, message us and we'll make things right.

*The packaging you receive may vary slightly from what is shown here (though product is the same). We are currently making updates to our packaging. Please allow time for all updates to be reflected. 

What it is
No more overpaying for salon products delivered in plastic waste. Save space, money, and be mindful of our environment with our powder-based haircare that turns into a lather just like your salon-quality haircare. 

Our hydrating hair wash is a 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo (shampoo + light conditioner). 1 pouch is equivalent to a 16-oz bottle of liquid haircare. Store in any small container. Reuse container, refill with pouches.

Formulated with premium, coconut-based ingredients. Your hair will feel lightly conditioned, hydrated, luxuriously soft. Improved formula for an even more concentrated product.

What it does
Removes oil, dirt  using coconut-based cleansers. No sulfates or harsh chemicals.
Boosts shine by restoring hair's PH, flattening hair cuticles and increasing shine.
Hydrates, lightly conditions hair with coconut oil, clinically proven to be the only oil to effectively penetrate hair shaft.

Customers say our plant-based ingredient list is too good to be true. All ingredients have a rating of EWG 1 (highest safety). Free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, animal derivatives, pthalates. Vegan, cruelty-free, color safe. 

Lightly scented with 100% natural essential oils. 

* Plant-based
Sodium cocoyl isethionate*, maltodextrin*, kaolin clay*, coco betaine*, coconut oil*, panthenol*, decyl glucoside*, natural essential oils*, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid

How to use
1. WET hair and palms entirely. (Needs to be wet to foam).
2. SPRINKLE into palm. Rub hands until a white paste. 

Unopened pouches - store in cool, dry place for up to a year. Once opened, use within 6 months.


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Rebeca Hassel

I have had such a hard time find bar shampoo, especially products that considered their packaging. Cocofomm is incredible! My hair feels and smells amazing! My hair is so soft and shiny (the good kind of shiny) after using it. The best part though is that everything is in compostable packaging! I physically feel great about my hair and mentally feel incredible because I feel like I'm supporting a business that truly cares about the environment. I'm so happy I found Cocofomm!

Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for the love! We're so grateful that you've been with us from the very start. Thank you for helping us grow. - Team CF

Chloe Y.
Love it!

I love the cocofomm shampoo! My package arrived in the summer heat, and I think I may have opened the first packet before it had cooled from being left outside on my porch, because the entire thing had melted, absorbed humidity when I opened the packet, and then crystallized into a solid rock of soap. I had some difficulty using the first packet, as the solid chunks took a good deal of scrubbing to dissolve into soap. However, when I opened the second packet a few weeks ago, which was still in powder form and didn't solidify, I was wowed. It does take a good teaspoon or two to soap up my hair, but it works just as well as the shampoo bars I've used in the past, with the added bonus that it's $12 per packet (or $10 for the refill) instead of my usual $16 bar. The normal/dry worked great on my oily hair (love the lather!), and I wash every 3-4 days without getting too greasy. I like the mint smell and very slight tingle on my scalp, although the scent doesn't linger.

Customer service was amazing as well! I received an email from Liz directly, asking if I wanted my order to be shipped later as they were releasing a new jar the next week.

It looks like they've added some new items since my order, so I'm looking forward to trying the new citrus scent and formula for oily hair. I love that it's NYC local. I walk Broadway almost every day and was excited when I saw them in the Facebook display!

Hi Chloe! Thank you so much for the love - and importantly, the feedback! We're constantly updating our formula and hope you'll provide feedback on the latest one as well. We're so glad you found us at the NYC Facebook pop-up! Thank you for helping us grow. - Team CF

Rebecca Follansbee
Good but learning curve

I liked this and so did my hair (didn't dry out the way it is prone to with shampoo bars). It took some experimentation to get the right amount of powder and not end up with a tub full of clay-like particles, but I had it working great within 3-4 days.

Hi Rebecca! We're so glad you're enjoying our product. We appreciate your feedback and hope you'll enjoy our improved formula. Please stay in touch! - Team CF

Martha Koppe
Shampoo and conditioner

Loved the scent of both and very convent for travel. Hair was clean and soft.

Hi Martha! We're happy to hear you're enjoying our product! Please let us know if you have any other feedback. We're always a message/email away. - Team CF

Amanda J
Crazy amazing invention

Just, wow. I’ll say this - the raving reviews are spot on. The powder dissolved nicely when I rubbed my hands, turning into a creamy lather (I didn't have issues with clumps at all so must be a new version). I am picky with my products and Cocofomm is my newest obsession, possibly the best natural haircare I’ve ever used (I’ve tried lots of bars!). I have thick, wavy hair and it felt so beautiful, voluminous and bouncy after drying. Somehow thicker too. The price is totally reasonable considering the premium you’re paying for natural clean ingredients. I also appreciate the free shipping.

Hi Amanda, thanks so much for the love and support! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional feedback. - Team CF