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Cocofomm shampoo powder has a lower carbon footprint than shampoo bars. Here's why:

Cold process manufacturing. Because of its powder form, we use no heat at all to produce our products. Whereas syndet shampoo bars are typically made using high heat to melt materials together. Heat/energy usage = greater carbon emissions.

Made in USA. From start to finish, we source raw materials & packaging from the U.S. We don't use air freight or ocean freight, unlike major name "eco" brands that can be shipped all the way from New Zealand.

Fewer raw materials. Additional ingredients/processes are used to melt & hold shampoo bars together, and that comes at a cost to the environment. Unlike shampoo bars which use stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, and other ingredients to hold the bar together, Cocofomm products completely eliminate the need for this. Fewer raw materials translates to lower carbon emissions from production.

When Cocofomm shampoo powder is exposed to moisture, it forms smaller granules. This doesn't affect its performance on hair. Cocofomm will make your hair soft and shiny all the same.

By zero-waste, we mean that we strive to create products that readily biodegrade or compost, and therefore generates 'zero waste' for our landfills or oceans. And in the process, we strive to be low-waste and lower our carbon footprint by recycling whenever we can, reusing & upcycling whenever we can, and sourcing raw materials made in the USA.

Are we as a company actually, 100% zero-waste? Technically, no business or individual is. Truthfully, 'going zero-waste' is an aspirational concept. It creates a vision for us to strive towards.

"Zero waste" isn't a set of rigid constraints, nor does it emphasize perfection. Being zero waste means eliminating waste when we can and finding ways to embrace a circular economy.

The question shouldn't be whether zero waste is possible, but whether we can change our lifestyle to effectively reduce waste. [1]

Made in USA, baby! All materials are sourced from the USA, manufactured and shipped from New York City.

In a small container. A spice jar (without the sifter) would work.

Absolutely! We skip the aggressive ingredients and use only gentle ones that don't strip hair of oil/color.


No. Our formula is 100% readily biodegradable, but it's safest for aquatic life to use it several feet from a body of water. That's because the oil-stripping nature of our cleanser, isn't great for the fish! Our formula needs soil/earth to begin decomposing (by interacting with bacteria present in nature).


Subscriptions can be changed any time. The easiest way is to just email: hello@cocofomm.com

You can also edit your subscription directly in the first email that was sent out confirming your subscription.


All pouches are made of 100% compostable kraft material with plant-derived (corn) lined layer. No plastic whatsover.

All pouches purchased after September 17, 2021 are now backyard compostable! Results may vary.

Either 100% recyclable or 100% compostable material. All shipping labels, tape are compostable / recyclable / made of recycled material. We're keeping things out of landfill.

Cocofomm pouch labels are either 100% biodegradable (will dissolve when exposed to moisture), or 100% recyclable. Printed with soy-based ink, no PVC.

Shipping labels/tape are compostable or recyclable.

Shaker stickers are not compostable but are meant to help end single-use plastic.

Shipping & Returns Policy

We want you to be happy with your Cocofomm products and offer returns on orders 30 days after they are shipped. If for any reason, you're not happy with your purchase contact us at hello@cocofomm.com and we'll do everything we can to make it right. The 30-day window begins on the day the product is shipped and returns must be received within 60 days after return label instructions are issued to you.

And listen, we want to make this as risk-free for you as possible but please do respect that we put a lot of energy/time/cost into operations.

We typically ship 2 - 3 business days after we receive your order.

Shipping is free on all orders $22+. Below that it's $2.99 flat per order.

Cocofomm currently ships to the U.S.