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Caring about the environment is synonymous with caring about human survival.

Hi! Liz here. I'm the founder of Cocofomm. I used to love plastic. It's cheap, durable, easy (and SHINY)! A few years ago after becoming a new mom, I changed. I began obsessively thinking about the world our children will grow up in. The world all of us will grow up and grow old in.

No need to quote dire climate change stats here, but let's just say that my eco-anxiety has been all-consuming. I began doing things I'd never done before - repurposing and reusing jars, switching my son to cloth diapers.

The easiest place to make the switch to plastic-free was in the bathroom, with personal care products. It's an industry that disposes of 80+ billion bottles/year, 70+ billion of which never gets recycled. So unnecessary and upsetting. Pretty yet wasteful packaging plagues the personal care industry - and I was over it.

At home, I was doing everything I could to help out but it just wasn't enough. It felt so, so small. But then I thought, what if a lot of us did this at once? That could actually make a difference. I started talking to a couple of award-winning, ex-P&G cosmetic chemists.

(Photo of me during my plastic-loving, clueless days.)

Cocofomm is the product of my eco-anxiety and personal passion for reducing waste, and above all - bit of hope, for helping clean up our planet. Our mission is to make zero waste goods accessible to all. 

Sure, it's different from what you're used to. But it's kind of like trying pistachio ice cream for the first time. Not your usual flavor but it's awesome in all the ways..and you'll quickly learn to love it.

I hope you'll join me!