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Hydrating Powder Shampoo (Tea Tree Mint, 1 Refill)

*Cocofomm Happiness Guarantee. We're crazy about our products but if you don't feel the same, message us for a full refund. 

How it works
Store in any small empty container. Reuse container, refill with pouches.
1 pouch lasts up to 30 washes / 2-3 months. 

How to use
1. WET hair and palms entirely. (Needs to be wet to foam).
2. SPRINKLE into palm, breaking apart granules with thumbs. Rub hands until a white paste. 

What it does
Removes oil, dirt  using coconut-based cleansers. No sulfates or harsh chemicals.
Boosts shine by restoring hair's PH, flattening hair cuticles and increasing shine.
Hydrates, softens hair with coconut oil, clinically proven to be the only oil to effectively penetrate hair shaft.

Free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, animal derivatives, pthalates. Color safe. Lightly scented with natural essential oils. 

* Plant-based
Sodium cocoyl isethionate*, maltodextrin*, kaolin clay*, coco betaine*, coconut oil*, panthenol*,  natural essential oils*, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid

Unopened pouches - store in cool, dry place for up to a year. Once opened, use within 6 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Willow H
Something new for my zero-waste routine!

I've been using bar shampoo for several years, but my hairdresser told me about powdered shampoo. I liked the idea of it because it seemed easier to travel with, just a little more convenient, and cheaper. It's definitely hard to get used to using (as other reviewers have said you REALLY have to emulsify it) but I feel like it keeps my hair cleaner for longer vs. the bar shampoo I have been using for years - which is also a mint/tea tree formula. I get some crazy volume with the powdered shampoo that I don't get from the bar - it's stripping the oils and gross stuff in a good way that leaves my hair feeling clean and voluminous. I think the powdered shampoo may be a bit more bang for my buck too, just a little more cost effective than the bars I use when you account for how long I can go between washes. Love that the packaging is sustainable as well. I am not sure that I'll stop using a bar completely because I really do love it, but using Cocofomm to switch it up once or twice a week would be a great addition to my routine. Cocofomm also sent me a little storage bottle (love it) and a conditioner bar sample (which is also fantastic). For reference, I have shoulder-length hair - I think if it were much longer than that I would find this more difficult to use. Personally it would just take me too long and too much product. But overall, I really do like this!

Hi Willow, we’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying our product! Thanks so much for your feedback. We just improved our formula to make it even more concentrated so it’ll work well for long hair without much product. Please continue to stay in touch! - Team CF

Linda Slover

I really like it. Will not buy liquid shampoo in plastic bottles anymore. No more plastic anything if I can help it

Hi Linda, we're so glad to hear you're enjoying our product! Please keep us posted with any feedback. Thanks for going plastic-free with us. - Team Cocofomm

Jocelyn Luhr

I’m a skeptic, and like most women, very particular about my hair products. But I’m also extremely eco-conscious so I’m always on the lookout for a like-minded shampoo…most shampoo bars are disappointing and expensive, and I can’t say I love any that come in aluminum packaging. But CoCoFomm…YES!!!! It’s so sudsy and luxurious and smells awesome and-the best part-works fabulously. So very happy with it. Will be on my “best discovery of 2021” list!

Hi Jocelyn, thanks so much for the love! It motivates us to push harder and continue improving our product. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any new feedback. - Team CF

Improved formula

The improved formula for oily hair works much better for me. They kindly sent me the improved version after I was unhappy with the initial version I purchased. My hair is squeeky clean, but not overdried. I can't believe how much it foams up. I really like it and the eco friendly packaging is a bonus!

Hi Terri, we're thrilled that the improved formula is working out for you! We take any customer feedback seriously and act on it immediately by iterating on our product. Let us know how it continues to work out. - Team CF

Josephine Jones
zero waste

Like many things, there is a learning curve to this shampoo. You need to really emulsify it in your palms before adding to hair, but it's worth it!
My clients love ethical and sustainable products, especially when it works and they can eliminate plastic from their households.

Hi Jo, we're thrilled to be stocked in your amazing hair salon! It is an honor. Please keep us posted with any feedback. - Team CF